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Welcome to the home page for Steve's Talking Clock, a small utility I wrote for Windows which is very configurable and works with a variety of clock voices. If you are blind and wish for the days of the Sharp Talking Time I, Vox Clock II, or just love talking clocks in general, then this is the program for you! It has been written specifically to be easily customizable and non-intrusive. With support for eight kinds of clocks and over 50 downloadable voices, you're sure to find that perfect voice. You can configure hotkeys to speak the time, toggle between 12 and 24-hour announcements, move the main voice up or down, show and hide the window, and exit the program. By being able to live in the Windows system tray, Steve's Talking Clock can remain on all the time without getting in the way. Additionally, its quiet mode ensures that the program will be silent while you sleep. So what are you waiting for? download Steve's Talking Clock 2.06. While you download, click here to view the documentation.

About Clock Voice Submission

Recently people have requested information about submitting a clock for possible inclusion on the main distribution site. The first thing to note is that you must have

Secondly, follow the instructions detailed in the "Steve's Clock" documentation to decide which files need to be created. Next, send a zip file containing the recorded wave files either to Steve, Andre, or Patrick. The voice will be initially reviewed, and if we like it the voice will be trimmed, compiled into an installation package, and posted. Please note: we cannot host every single clock created due to bandwidth costs. However, people are perfectly free to distribute their own custom voices however they choose; after all, personalization and flexibility are two of the cornerstones of this program. Finally, if a clock is not posted to the public distribution sites, the main reason is most likely that there are too many dynamics in the recordings, too much noise, or the concatenation does not sound natural. Please do not take offense if this is the case. We would appreciate more mirrors on the Internet so that if one site is down, there will be plenty of backups for people to use. We encourage variety here, not limitations.

Clock Voices

Due to the increasing amount of downloadable voices, the list has been moved to the voice download page. Simply run the files for each voice you download, and when finished, click the "Initialize" button in the main clock window to update the voice lists.

For the absolute latest voices, visit this page along with either Andre Louis's Clock mirror or Patrick Perdue's clock mirror. You may also wish to subscribe to the StevesClock mailing list. Click here to go to the subscription page.

Clock Audio Files

Here are some files that various people have created using Steve's Talking Clock. Note: unless you're a talking clock fan, you might want to skip over this section to save your own sanity. For everybody else, enjoy!

  1. Andre Louis's "Depressed Vox Alarms tune
  2. Random clock voices created by Derek Lane
  3. Another random clock compilation using the newer voices
  4. Too Many Clocks, one half of Patrick Perdue's house with all sorts of clocks announcing the time
  5. Too Many Clocks part2, a mix of both sides of Patrick's house with an insane number of clocks announcing the top of the hour
  6. Steve's Clocks, a recording of my own talking clocks announcing an alarm and then the top of the hour
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